A day in… Barbados

A day in… Barbados

Is Barbados firmly on that next Caribbean itinerary of yours? Well, we don’t want you to waste a moment of your time there, so here’s just a few ideas on how you should spent a glorious day in this luscious location!

Things to do

Visit the Garrison Savannah

A historic military base, Garrison Savannah is home to so much architectural magnificence and is definitely worth taking some time to explore. You’ll see the beautiful Matthias Church once used by British Forces, the ruins of St Ann’s Fort and the famous Savannah race course where plantation owners used to race their horses. These days, the track is home to many other sporting activities. Many people come here to fly kites, go jogging or to simply watch the world go by!

Explore Harrison’s Cave

Get deep into the roots of Barbados (literally!) with a visit to Harrison’s Cave. All limestone stalactites, caverns and grottoes, it’s like taking a trip to the moon. Add rock pools, streams and some red and orange mood-lighting, and it takes on a volcano-like edge. It’s easy to see why the locals call it one of the seven wonders of the island. Boarding a little electric tram, you’ll take a mile-long tour through the chambers, passing pillars formed by stalagmites and stalactites that have met in the middle. At the bottom, you’ll see the star of the show – a mighty waterfall below the ground.

Join in with world-famous watersports

If you can tear your toes away from the super soft sand then you’ll be treated to experiences on the waves like no other. From swimming with turtles to watching vibrant coral reefs, there aren’t too many activities quite as enchanting as a good old snorkel. Above the water, watersports such as kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing are all guaranteed to get the pulse going.

Wander through Bridgetown

Aside from having a great selection of shops and street markets, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with fascinating historic sites to explore. See the National Heroes Square – formerly Trafalgar Square – home to Lord Nelson’s statue. And marvel at St Michael’s Cathedral, the Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue and Parliament Buildings – all accessible by foot. Why not end the day with a refreshing rum punch by Bridgetown harbour at sun down? Watching fishermens’ boats and catamarans sail by with a glass of something chilled is truly the Caribbean way.

The star-studded West Coast!

The West Coast isn’t known as the Platinum Coast for nothing. Home to the rich and famous with many upmarket hotels and villas dotting the shore line, you’re sure to feel like a VIP if you visit this sophisticated area. Splash your cash at the glamorous Lime Grove shopping mall – it’s filled with designer clothes, jewelry and trendy bistros. There’s also gourmet restaurants and beautiful adult-only spots like Paynes Bay.

Places to eat


Daphne’s is one of Barbados’ most highly acclaimed restaurants, situated on the West Coast in Paynes Bay. Here diners can enjoy a mixture of island seafood and classic Italian dishes, each of which has a contemporary touch bringing it right into the 21st century, all in sophisticated surroundings overlooking the glistening ocean. The ideal location for a luxurious afternoon lunch or a romantic evening dinner, Daphne’s offers refined yet inviting dining with genuine Bajan hospitality.

The Cliff

As the name suggests, the Cliff is found perched on top of a small cliff overlooking the wonderful Caribbean waters, with each candlelit table awarding diners with stunning sea views. Situated in a quiet area of St James, this foodie delight can be a little expensive but it’s completely worth it if you fancy splashing out for a special occasion. The menu ensures everyone is catered for with some amazing dishes – we recommend the smoked salmon ravioli or the delicious chargrilled swordfish!

Brown Sugar

Travel two minutes south of Bridgetown and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with Brown Sugar – a restaurant famous for its all-you-can-eat buffet lunch! This unlimited meal is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach, with an incredible selection of Bajan dishes presented elaborately for diners to enjoy. You’ll find loads of Barbadian and Caribbean specialties here, including Cou Cou, flying fish, Bul Jol, souse and a seemingly never ending choice of homemade desserts. This really is the perfect fusion of casual and elegant dining!

Find your perfect sailing

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