The Best Firework Displays in the World

The Best Firework Displays in the World

Big isn’t always better – but in the world of fireworks, it usually is. On Bonfire Night, you’ll no doubt see some spectacular displays – whether it be in your back garden, a local celebration or one of the big ones up and down the country.

If you love nothing more than staring up at one of these stunning spectacles, accompanied with enchanting music and your loved ones by your side, then you’re in luck – Bonfire Night isn’t the only time of year you can enjoy these amazing light shows! As other countries and cities celebrate their own festivals throughout the year, there’s plenty of places you could add to your next cruise itinerary to coincide it with one of these dreamy displays…

National Day Celebration – Singapore

Every year on the 9th of August, Singapore celebrates its independence from Malaysia with its National Day holiday. Without a doubt, the Singapore fireworks celebrations are the climactic moment of the popular holiday, and are one of the most elaborate and impressive fireworks displays in the world. Local and foreign fireworks teams put on shows over several different nights, making this one of the longest-running annual fireworks displays on the planet.

Malta International Fireworks – Malta

Every year around the last week in April, the tiny island nation of Malta puts on one of the most impressive fireworks displays in the entire world. Several different Maltese fireworks companies and many Italian organisations team up to produce this incredible spectacle. Although it hasn’t been going on for very long, it’s already earned a spot as one of the ‘must-see’ fireworks displays in the world. Goosebumps at the ready!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Dubai

The meteoric rise of the thriving city of Dubai has made it a focal point for tourists and travelers from around the world. The city not only has the world’s tallest building, but it now puts on one of the most impressive New Year’s Eve fireworks displays on the planet. No expense is spared for this phenomenal event – if you love fireworks, then this is a sight you simply have to see. One word comes to mind – WOW!

Australia Day – Sydney

People who want to see a no-holds-barred fireworks display should pencil in Sydney’s Australia Day festivities on their calendars. On the 26th January, the national holiday is celebrated in true style in Sydney’s iconic harbour, with a fireworks display that doesn’t hold back in any shape or form. At the same time, a delightful boat parade is held, only adding to the thrill of this monumental event. You won’t quite believe your eyes!

New Year’s Eve – San Francisco

If you’re going to be in California for New Year’s Eve, don’t miss San Francisco’s top-notch fireworks show on the waterfront. Gorgeous fireworks light up the sky above the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, creating memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Independence Day Fireworks – New York City

This one is for the bucket list! Since Independence Day is a holiday that celebrates the founding of America, it’s only fitting that some of the best fireworks displays take place on this monumental day. And the show that’s put on in the Big Apple is nothing short of spectacular – would you really expect anything less from the city that never sleeps? Prepare for breathtaking fireworks erupting above the iconic Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge – you’ll need your camera out for this one!

Bonfire Night – London

What’s the best fireworks in the world list without including some of our own? Fireworks have long been an integral part of our Bonfire Night celebrations, and massive displays can be found across all UK cities. But we have to take our hat off to the capital here – watching the bangs and booms over the Thames, really is breathtaking! After all, this British tradition all started off here, when Guy Fawkes infamous gunpowder plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament was foiled in 1605!

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