Destination of Month – The Bahamas

Destination of Month – The Bahamas

Picture this…

Beaches beyond perfection, leaning palm trees and cocktails out of coconuts. Make footprints in the powdery white sand, swim in an underwater paradise as you snorkel through the Caribbean sea, and lounge around in a hammock soaking up the sun. This destination is a dream come true – you may have to pinch yourself once or twice to see if it’s real! You’ll know what we’re talking about when you witness the white, golden, and often pink sands. The glittering Caribbean waters are so blue they can even be seen from space – and the waterfront restaurants and bars are calling your name, too!

Fifty miles off the coast of Florida, The Bahamas is composed of 700 islands with a different adventure waiting for you on each one. The largest of the 26 inhabited islands, Andros island, is surrounded by coral reefs – making it all the more beautiful. There’s more than meets the eye in this underwater paradise with tropical fish and unique mollusks, it’s the ultimate snorkeling destination. It’s a tropical island playground!

Nassua and Paradise Island are travel hot-spots – with laid back vibes and endless opportunity, these are the best places to sample the island life. Diving is a huge part of the Bahamas’ lifestyle with opportunities to explore ship wrecks and interact with aquatic wildlife. Nassua is also the most popular port in Caribbean – so whoever you sail with, you’re sure to stop by this idyllic location.

Famous for…

Swimming pigs – yes, you did read that right! The Bahamas is known for its pig beach on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, and trust us, it’s a real treat. In fact, many people often travel here purely for this reason. The legend is that sailors attempted to leave the pigs on the island as a source of food – instead, their ship sank – leaving the pigs to swim to safety. Either way, the pigs are now well looked after and you can enjoy the day there at your own leisure – the kids will love this wacky experience!

The Bahamas has its very own distinctive cuisine, known especially for its conch salad – which the locals call ‘fresh, sexy conch’ – so prepare to sink your taste buds into this tasty dish. Conch is everywhere in The Bahamas –  this large marine snail is a mouthwatering seafood special, and can be cooked in almost anything. Of course, this destination was once a key pirate location – and everyone knows they washed everything down with a bottle of rum. So it’s only tradition that you take full advantage of this islands history and do the same!

Speaking of pirates, you may have heard of Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard. Legends tell us that in the late 17th century, Nassau was a prime hot-spot for our one-eyed friend. Like us, the pirates loved nothing more than feeling the sea breeze and sun on their face, lounging around in a hammock and drinking all day. It was a pirates dream – and we can see why they battled it out over this tropical delight.

Did you know?

  • Plunging 202 metres into the sea, Dean’s Blue Hole lays beneath the Caribbean Sea – it’s the world’s deepest blue hole, just off the coast of Long Island, The Bahamas.
  • Believe it or not, it actually snowed in The Bahamas in 1977 – the only time recorded in history!
  • The Bahamas has played a starring role in four of the James Bond films as well as Pirates of the Caribbean – if you’re a film buff, you’ll be in your element.
  • It’s the home to one of the biggest wine cellars in the world, with more than 250,000 bottles from over 400 vintners, the wine cellar at Graycliff Hotel stores some of the oldest and most expensive bottles of wine in existence.
  • The Bahamas was once a prime pirate hangout back in the 1700’s.

Top 5 Places to Visit…

  • Pig Beach – On many holiday destinations, you can of course swim with dolphins – but if you’re looking for a truly unique experience, as mentioned before, The Bahamas has its own little beach dedicated to pigs and yes – you can even swim with them. Do we need to say more? Get paddling with your new pink friends!
  • Atlantis Paradise Island – Dominating the skyline of Paradise Island, this resort recreates the legend of Atlantis. Enjoy a lazy river ride, soar down high-speed slides and swim in more than 20 areas. You can even grab a bite to eat and buy your holiday gifts – this water park has everything you need for a good time.
  • Bimini – Known as the fishing capital of The Bahamas, it’s also a diving paradise – it’s popular shark and dolphin dives are the main attraction. Not to mention the Sapona ship wreck you can explore. Ernest Hemingway even spent several summers in Bimini, finding inspiration for his novels The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream.
  • Ardastra Gardens & Zoo – The Bahamas is known for its marching Flamingos – so what better way to see what all the hype is about than visiting the Ardastra Gardens. You’ll get to see what exotic animals lie in The Bahamas and maybe feed one or two as well!
  • Blue Lagoon Island – You’ve already swam with the pigs – now it’s time to swim with the dolphins and stingrays in their natural habitat! Once a frequent stop for privates, there’ll be plenty of hidden treasures to discover. It’s the perfect place to escape all the hustle bustle of daily life.

Time to book?

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