Port of the Month – Palma, Majorca

Port of the Month – Palma, Majorca

Can you believe it’s July already? Where is 2017 going?! A new month means it’s time for us to look at a new port, and this Mediterranean hot-spot definitely doesn’t disappoint…

Picture this…

Majorca’s vibrant capital is stylish and intimate, yet bursting with life. You’ll find it’s lively all year round with trendy restaurants, cafes, shops and nightlife, as well as a thriving art scene. It’s often compared to Barcelona and, being right on the doorstep of the cruise terminal, you can choose to enjoy a leisurely stroll into the city centre or hop on the shuttle bus and arrive within minutes.

Located in the south of the island, Palma looks out over the shimmering Mediterranean sea. Whilst the enchanting atmosphere of this city is evident throughout, the main attractions and shops are situated around the massive Gothic cathedral down by the sea front. This area, known as Palma’s old town, is full of ancient passages, historic monuments and magnificent architecture. You’ll find no shortage of sights – from lovely lanes to quirky cafes, galleries, and boutique shops. And thanks to them all being packed within a square kilometre, the old town is easy to explore.

Palma also boasts an enormous harbour, which begins in front of the cathedral. The cyclist and pedestrian-friendly promenade stretches all the way up to the city from the cruise terminal, so if you enjoy a bit of a cycle, hop on a bike and see this idyllic location in a whole new way. The fabulous marina and sea front is perfectly accompanied by a palm tree-lined promenade, so whether you’re walking about or sitting back with some sangria, you won’t be able to hide away from this picturesque port’s beauty.

Famous for…

It’s most iconic building is a Gothic cathedral, La Seu, which rises out of the city walls that used to mark the edge of the sea. Next to the cathedral is L’Almudaina, a 13th-century palace with splendid gardens, and of course, there’s the renowned Plaza de Cort – a quaint little square that typifies the old town. Here, you’ll find the legendary old olive tree, which is believed to be about 800 years old and is one of the city’s most admired landmarks, known to many as a symbol of peace.

Did you know?

  • Palma’s population of just over 300,000 is among the most diverse in Spain.
  • The surrounding Serra de Tramuntana mountain range was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO for being an area of great physical and cultural significance.
  • The building of La Seu cathedral began in 1230 and continued for 400 years – it has continued to have additional work undertaken, with the renowned architect Antoni Gaudi adding to it more recently.

Time to book?

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