7 Sunsets you HAVE to see!

7 Sunsets you HAVE to see!

They say that no two sunsets are ever the same – whether it’s the colors, the clouds, or the scenery surrounding you, each one has something unique about it. So just where exactly should you head to see the most surreal sights imaginable? From the lava fields of Iceland to the beaches of the Mediterranean, here are seven of best places to watch the sun the go down…

1) Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

There’s something so special about the Dutch capital – it’s a European city that has it all, with so many narrow wynds and twisting streets. You’d think the place would be shielded by sunlight – well, you’d be wrong. With over 400 bridges arching over its romantic canals, Amsterdam has plenty of picture-perfect spots to catch the sunset.

2) Cafe Mambos, San Antonio, Ibiza

Ibiza boasts a great sunset, wherever you choose to view it. But there really is only one place that you should be heading to – and that’s Café Mambos on the outskirts of San Antonio. Ensure yourself a good spot by getting there nice and early, then simply kick-back, relax and lose yourself in the eclectic Ibiza sounds coming from the DJ in the bar.

3) Grundarfjordur, Iceland

Who would have thought little cold Iceland could produce sunsets like this?! This small Icelandic town is situated between a mountain range and a lava field, making for some intense background scenery as you watch the sun fall below the horizon. Iceland is one of the upcoming destinations in the cruising world – and with sights like this, it’s easy to see why!

4) Florida Keys, Florida, USA

Most Caribbean cruises leave from Miami, so if you’ve got an overnight stay, this is the perfect opportunity to head down the Florida Keys for one of the best sunsets that this planet has to offer! Every night at Key West you’ll find a sunset festival, where visitors and locals alike gather to watch fire breathers, acrobats, and artists perform as the sun goes down over the water. It’s a unique display of enchanting scenery!

5) Bora Bora, French Polynasia

Everyone already knows that Bora Bora is one of the most insanely beautiful places on Earth, but the sunset just makes things all the more unbelievable. This destination is simply too good for cruise lines to turn down – so if you’re travelling trans-pacific, you’ll most likely be in luck!

6) Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

This dormant Hawaiian volcano shines like a gem on a blackened landscape when the setting sun’s rays rush across its steep slopes. Hawaii is a common stop on a trans-pacific cruise – so make sure you pack your hiking boots for a wander up this glorious volcanic trail!

7) Oia, Santorini, Greece

Probably the most famous place in the world to watch the sunset – the Greek island of Santorini. With its cliff-side towns and amazing ocean views, this location is a must-see for anyone planning their next Mediterranean cruise. Looking out from the Caldera as the sun sets into the Mediterranean Sea, it’s easy to see why people travel from the other side of the world to capture this beauty!

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