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Dining packages on a cruise

Top food packages on board a cruise

Whether you book a cruise for the far-reaching destinations, the deck sports or the all-star entertainment, there’s one element of cruise holidays that most people look forward to just as much: the food! If you’re planning a first-time...
MSC Cruise Ship

Cruise Line spotlight: MSC Cruises

Every month we’ll take a cruise line and look at the history, the fleet and its people to find out what really makes its cruises worthwhile. This month, we’re looking at classy Italian cruise line MSC Cruises, who’ve...
New MSC ships

Cruise news round-up May 2014

With May now behind us, we’re once again taking a look back to see what’s been causing ripples in the cruising world in the last month. It’s been an ambitious few weeks, with both epic, in-depth cruise trips...