Where’s Hot in November?

Where’s Hot in November?

Thinking of booking a winter escape? With warm, sunny temperatures still soaring around the world and crowds thinning after high season, November is a perfect time to book that cruise you’ve been waiting for – and with Christmas approaching, it’s a great time to unwind before the Christmas shopping gets firmly underway! We reveal where to get your sunshine fix as winter in the UK draws ever so close…


Warm, sunny weather and less crowds make November a great time for visiting our Port of the Month Lanzarote. Temperatures regularly reach highs of 24°C, so don’t fret about missing out on a sunbathing session. With the Canary Islands being so accessible by pretty much every cruise line in these months, you can pretty much take your pick on who to travel with! Stop by Costa Teguise if you like a bit of liveliness, or take a relaxing trip to Puerto Calero for a more peaceful area with quiet beaches.

  • Average November temperature: 21°C
  • Average rainfall: 15 mm
  • Hours of sunshine: 8 hours


Timeworn but magnificent and dilapidated but dignified, Cuba is a country of indefinable magic. It’s ‘old school cool’ to say the least, and a real escape from the hustle and bustle of its neighbouring Caribbean islands. November sees plenty of sun – as dry season officially starts! With an average high of 24°C in November, there aren’t many better places to get that pre-Christmas sun!

  • Average November temperature: 24°C
  • Average rainfall: 40 mm
  • Hours of sunshine: 8 hours

Cape Verde

Cape Verde sits off the west coast of North Africa in the North Atlantic Ocean, and has hot weather and almost no rain in November. Dubbed the ‘African Caribbean’, there are differences in weather around the islands, but you can look forward to lots of sun at this time. The average high on Cape Verde’s most popular island, Sal, is 26ºC in November – so make sure to pack correctly! No woolly jumpers in sight here!

  • Average November temperature: 26°C
  • Average rainfall: 9 mm
  • Hours of sunshine: 7 hours


Vietnam is home to some of south-east Asia’s best kept secrets. From north to south in every cruise destination you’ll get a real taste of local life. As well as beaches and national parks, there are pearl farms, fishing villages and so many marvellous markets to explore. You can also take a river cruise and head through mainland Vietnam, along the Mekong river – passing world wonders like Halong Bay. Ho Chi Minh city is also a spectacular visit, too! The average temperature does change depending if you’re in the north, south or central Vietnam – the country has three different weather systems due to its length!

  • Average temperature: 23-27°C
  • Average rainfall: varies depending on region
  • Average sunshine: 9 hours


The home of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is situated off the north coast of Africa. This region of Portugal offers warm weather in November, perfect for exploring without feeling like you’re melting away. Temperatures reach up to 21°C  – the climate of Madeira is similar to that found around the Mediterranean or in coastal California. You’ll catch Madeira on the majority of Canary Island itineraries – if you’re heading into Funchal, you’re in a for a real treat! The sweet smell of flowers will hit you the minute you step ashore, so make sure to check out the beautiful botanical gardens here. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Average November temperature: 19°C
  • Average rainfall: 90 mm
  • Hours of sunshine: 6 hours

What are you waiting for?

There’s no better way to spend November than on a cruise – all you need to do is call 0800 027 8302 and you can make November sun a reality! Alternatively, take a look at our Deals section for some cruise inspiration.



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